Black Friday sales

`So today’s sales were pretty lame. Unless you have thousands of dollars (and got in line at 7 pm last night) you really missed out on the deals. I found a few nice laptops, TVs and DVD players that were awesome, but more money than I wanted to spend. Sorry, I enjoy paying my rent.

We did end up buying:
-Office 2007 for $80 off the regular price. I am holding onto it for my future laptop I am up saving to purchase. I could’ve bought a laptop today, but I’d have to pay payments for it. I’d much rather go into the store and know I had the money to cover it. That would make it a much nicer laptop for me! (C’mon Pioneer Women quiz! That would give me a little boost toward my goal!)
-30 Rock season 1&2
-4GB sim card for our digital cameras
-laser pointer for our kittahs (loafy and ruckus)
-picture frames

Basically we bought each other Christmas gifts and the frames are for family gifts, since most people requested framed wedding photos. It shouldn’t be too difficult to shop for everyone this year. Cher is done. I made her shoe chains and gloves. My parents and Joe’s parents get photo albums. Brother gets… something… food probably. His own key lime pie most likely.
Joe’s sisters are a different story though. I need to figure out what to get them still.

Oh well.

Did you get any good black friday deals?