Stuff I like

I love everything girlie. I love floral prints. I love ruffles. Silk and chiffon. Skirts and poofy hairstyles. Polka dots, circle skirts, peep-toe shoes and mary janes. Everything late ’50s, and early ’60s is a dream to me.

Girlie items
I love menswear and military. Pencil skirts and pinstripes. Suspenders and fedoras. Anything with that old school gangster vibe. Polished brass buttons and high collars.
menswear and military
I love pirate. Anything striped. Red, blue, white. Very apple-pie all American. If it looks like it came off a pirate, I love it.
I love details, basically. For me, it’s not about the color as much as it is the details. I love little details that make a less expensive piece of clothing look like it cost more money.
What things do you love?