Shoe chains and an (almost) all red outfit

For Christmas, I decided to make my sister gloves and shoe chains, inspired by those created by The Glamourai and as talked about on My Style Pill. I don’t have enough money to buy the fabulous chains created by Kelly of the Glamourai, so I made my own. (Why yes, I did wear the gift I made my sister. Why? Because I could. And I wanted to make sure they would stay together and stay forward on my ankle.)

The rest of my outfit is pretty simple, although I’m wearing mostly red and white (love!). I used to think simple meant black or white, something very neutral. But I proved myself wrong today with this outfit.

Hellllllllllllllo pencil skirt! I didn’t want to be feel constricted in my outfit, so I paired a secretary style pencil skirt with a kimono style blouse.

I love the detail and print of the shirt. Next time I wear it, I want to try it with dark blue or purple. Wouldn’t that look fab? And, let’s chat about this pencil skirt, shall we? This is what I picked up at H&M for $10! I’d love to wear it with a sailor inspired top.

Instead, I’m wearing it with these wa-a-a-arm cable knit tights. It’s freezing in our building today and these are doing a fine job of keeping me toasty warm!

I had left over chain so I made a quick necklace. I’ll probably edit it before I wear it the next time. I’d like to put it on a ribbon.

Now, onto the shoes and the shoe chains.

I know. I know! I wore tights with peep-toe shoes. But I love these shoes! It looks fine, I swear!

Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Ebay
Necklace: Self-made
Shoe chains: Self-made
Tights: Target

Yeah. Love it. Today was super fun. I actually dreamt about wearing this skirt and shirt together. Now I need to decide what to wear tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Shoe chains and an (almost) all red outfit

  1. How did you attach the chains on? Excellent thrifty idea, I might mention it in my next blog, definitely something that would catch on.. 🙂

    • I made them like a big ankle bracelet, with all the chains in front connected to two jump rings, then a little chain around the back… does that make sense? LOL. I was going to do a DIY for them, but I never got the chance. Maybe I’ll do it soon 🙂

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