(fake) Shopping time!

Let’s pretend for a moment that I have an unlimited spending allowance and I can buy whatever I want (oooh, this is fun!). My first stop?


I seriously LOVE this site! unfortunately for me and my quite meager budget, I can’t afford that much unless I save, save, SAVE! And, we all know how well that works… It’s kinda like shoving a balloon underwater. You think you can do it, but it never works.

Anyway, if I could buy whatever I wanted, I would buy:

  The Harbor Tour Dress $47.99
It’s purple, has buttons and would look oh-so cute on me!





These are the big time “if only I had the money” shoes. I seriously LOVE them, but my wallet is too tight. Sadface.

Unicorn Princess Heels in Pewter $119.99







This skirt reminds me of waves and the beach, even though I think it’ll look fab in the winter too.
Polarizing Skirt $49.99

I really want this dress. Like, super bad (haha-superbad. I am McLovin). Anyway, I think it’s super sweet and fun retro styled.
The Pin Up Dress $44.99





If I had enough money, this shirt would be mine today. It’s fantastic. I love the pleating, the lace- EVERYTHING.
Pleats to Meet You Blouse $104.99



 More shoes. I love shoes. Not as much as my sister over at Shoe-A-Day though. I want these now!
Foxtrot Flats in Big Band $29.99





So, during my hypotetical shopping spree, I spent a total of: $397.94

Well, I guess it could be worse! This is why it’s FAKE shopping.

I do want that shirt though…