Ballet chic…

I bought this dress from Forever 21. I loved it when I first saw photos of it, although I thought it was a skirt. It’s too short (at least on me) to be worn as a dress, so I paired it up with some skinny black jeans and my sister’s awesome yellow coat.

I need a better camera. Or at least better focus. Any tips?

It might not look too short here, but it really is. I sat down and could feel a breeze on my bum.


Dress: Forever 21
Pants: Old Navy
Coat: borrowed from my sister
Necklace: belonged to my mom
Shoes: Spring

I was going over to my parents house today to help them set up their new  computer and I really didn’t feel like wearing jeans and a t-shirt, so I got a little dressed up instead. My mom loved the dress.

I think I really liked this dress because it reminds me of my wedding dress, which had the same layered skirt look.


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  1. I love the dress! 😀 I don’t really wear dress that much but I think I have to change my wardrobe to something more chick and girly. LoL XD

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