Weekend Plans and my closet

I’ve been needing to do a laundry for three weeks. My clothes and my husband’s, have been piling up. We have a great hamper my friend Sonia gave us as a wedding gift that is completely overflowing. I’m actually a little embarrassed about it.

So, I am planning to spend most of the weekend doing laundry and organizing my closet. That’s a little messy too. I wear more clothes than my husband. He gets to wear a uniform (yay…) to work everyday, so he wears less ‘normal’ or ‘fun’ clothes. We both tend to wear lots of sweats and t-shirts when we are home. I don’t like leaving the house without wearing normal clothes, though that doesn’t always mean a dress or skirt or something. I’m very much a jeans and t-shirt girl, unless I am home. Then, sweatpants it is.

This weekend will be spent in those sweatpants, washing my clothes. I really enjoy having all my clothes clean at the same time, although it doesn’t happen often enough. 

I also really want to hang up a mirror I bought at Ikea a month (or so) ago. We have no full-length mirrors in our apartment. Part of the reason might be because Loafy has an odd obsession with pawing at her reflection. She’s a genius, I know.

Oh well. Beyond my desperate need to clean, I also need to figure out how to store my jewelry in a good way. I have lots of long necklaces (and some newer ones) that need to hang up- but again, Loafy likes to play with things. Maybe in closet? She’s not allowed in there.

These are some of the new necklaces I bought (ModCloth had a big blowout sale a week or so ago).

First is this awesome lace necklace thing. It’s a little odd, but I think it would look awesome with the right top. I wore it once, with a kimono style top.

I also got this necklace, and have no clue what to wear it with.

It’s a tie! Oh, I am hilarious… yeah, maybe not so much. Whatevs. I have no idea what to wear this necklace with. I could be all weird and wear it as if it WERE a tie with a collared shirt or crew-neck t-shirt. Well, that might not be weird. Maybe I should stop calling myself weird.

Yeah. Lets go with that.

I got two packages today too, ftw!

I’ve bought some trendy pieces from Forever21 recently, mostly because  I have very little money and I really liked them!

My sister, of Shoe-a-day, has really turned me onto buying cheaper trendy items, and more expensive classic items. For example, I fell in loooooove with this pair of cropped harem pants

I think they’re super cute, but I know they might not be cool in a few years, so I spent about $19 on them (thank you cheap stores!)

I’m beginning to get my second wind, so I might wash laundry all night!

Highly unlikely. I’ll probably read some blogs, eat a snack and go to bed early.

I’m so lame.