Infinity scarf

While on the quest to make my sister her fingerless gloves, I also decided I was going to make myself an infinity scarf. If you haven’t heard of that, basically it’s a scarf that has no beginning or end, can be worn as a scarf, or as a hood, and can be knitted or made from other fabric.

I fell in love with this design I found on etsy:
(click on the picture for the listing) The listing shows many different ways to wear it.

I’m hoping I can get the gloves done for Cher and the scarf done before it starts to snow. It was 67 degrees today, so I’m sure I have plenty of time.

If I do a good job, I might post a DIY, but it depends how long it takes me and how good it looks. I haven’t made anything from yarn in years!


5 thoughts on “Infinity scarf

  1. I like it too… though scarf isn’t really a hit here. The sun’s usually scorching hot in this place. 😦

    I think if ever I’ll have that one, I’ll put it on neck as if it’s my top’s collar. ^^

    • Thats exactly what I want to do! Or wear it like a hood! I bought off-white yarn, and it’s working so far. We’ll see how far I can get it!

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  3. OOOOO I LOVE that scarf! It looks soo warm, I am definitely going to try maying one of those this holiday season. Love your blog!!

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