Black, white and red all over…

I’m super excited about my outfit today. I’ve been itching to wear my boots with a skirt. You know, for the last 72 hours I’ve owned them. I kept everything pretty much black and white, with the exception of the red belt! I’ve also been itching to wear the belt and the necklace. What better time to wear them but all together?! Thankfully they all go together.
Black, white and red ALL over
Skirt: Forever21
Shirt: Target
Sweater: H&M
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Purse: H&M
Necklace: Forever21
Belt: Forever21
Newly reddened hair. It was fading out from before and making me sad. So, I re-did it. It looks pretty much the same.
I totally forgot I had red nails until after I got dressed. And at that point, I needed to leave the house, so it really didn’t matter what color they were!
Such cool boots. Love!
Cher and I began our outfit challenge. We agreed on black leggings, since we both own a pair. We’re each putting together three outfits based on clothes we actually own. Who knows, this stuff might show up on the blog soon!
My black leggings are plain, black leggings. Cher’s are sparkly. We can’t even get the same pair of leggings! Oh well. What else would it be like if we didn’t wear different clothes?
I’ll post the different sets and discuss the items in them once we are both finished. Until them, enjoy this picture of my cat wearing her winter coat (go to themeatloafy’s blog to see more).