New stuff and a bit about what I like in fashion

Cher (shoe-a-day) and I placed a joint order together on October 30th. There was a TON of stuff on sale at Forever21, and we wanted a part of it. This is what we ordered:
Shipped out
The skirt was WAAAAAAY too short. The Tunic is too tight. And, to cap it all off, the “pair” of gloves I ordered came as one.
ONE glove.
Are you kidding me? I have two hands, so I’d like two gloves, thanks. I called their customer service line right away to discuss my issue.
I was asked about the condition of the package.
“Well, it was sealed. And the location of the one glove was in the very center, in the middle of everything else you sent me. I went through everything three times to make sure it didn’t shift during shipping.”
“Are you sure?” they asked me.
“Yes. I’m sure. I’d really just like to get the other glove. I have the left one. Can you just send me a right glove?”
“Well, you have to send us that one back. Once we receive it, we’ll send you a new pair.” They said.
“Ok. That’s fine. But do I have to pay shipping for an error from your warehouse?”
“You have to include the receipt, and we’ll reimburse you for the amount.” They said.
I rolled my eyes at this point. “Yeah. I’ll do that.”
So now I have my one glove and I have to mail it back in. These gloves were for Cher, and she was super excited about them. The one I have is really cute. I just hope they send me back a whole pair. I don’t want a damn refund- I want two gloves!! 😦 Sorry Cher.
Anyway, I also bought a couple other new things… by a couple, I mean a lot! But, everything was on sale and within my budget. And, it should all fit into my wardrobe nicely.
New stuff
I’m not really good at figuring out how to mix stuff together. I tend to wear something together and continue to wear it that way for a while. I’m hoping I can figure out good ways to mix all this stuff into my wardrobe (and maybe get rid of stuff I don’t wear).
I’d love to get involved in a clothes swaps, but I don’t know if any are held in my area. I have some awesome clothes I don’t wear as often as I should (or at all). Maybe I need to play dress-up and figure out how to work it all in? For example, I have a bunch of collared shirts. I don’t wear collared shirts. It’s not because I don’t like them, it’s because I don’t like how they look with work pants- too suitish for me. I’m not into suits. Maybe they’d look good layered under a sweater? Or is that too preppy? I’m not into preppy.
I’m very… different. If I were asked to describe my style, I would say I’m punk-ish, sailor-pirate, vintage and retro.
Is that a thing? Well, it is now.
I love vintage clothes, love how they look and love the fabrics used. I’ve also got an odd obsession with the sea and pirates and sea creatures and ocean inspired colors. Punkish comes from the music I listen to. I’m a HUGE fan of punk music and rock music. If I could have hot pink hair and NOT get fired from my job, I totally would.
I love Mohawks I love PUNK. I love how these kids in the 80s just DID it. They wanted to rebel and they did. Leather, safety pins, a dislike for authority- I just  love the feeling it invokes. And, it’s even more fun to mix really girlie elements with more punk elements. I love wearing a plaid shirt (that might be more grunge) with a girlie poofy skirt. It’s fun. And I think people are beginning to expect it from me. My sister loves sequins and solids, while I love lace and patterns. We’re kinda opposites!
Cher is very avant guarde and she can totally pull it off. She can run for the train in five in heels, while I struggle to break in my three inchers. She can look killer in black eyeliner and lace gloves, while I look crazy in the same clothes. I prefer cat-eye liner or red lipstick, while she wears no lipstick. We’ve got a similar haircut (I had it first!) but we never wear our hair the same way. It’s actually really funny that we’re related and love a lot of the same things, but would wear them totally differently. In fact, I think we should do a little test and see what we both come up with.
What do you say, Cher? You up for it?
Let me know, and we’ll chose the piece we both have to incorporate in our polyvore sets.

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  1. I’m in. Can we buy a big blanket? because that is all I feel like wearing now…my wisdom teeth voids still hurt!

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