Yesterday’s outfit (with actual pictures of me!)

Before I get to my awesome outfit of the day, which includes mixing patterns, I must first introduce you to my friend, Sonia’s shoes.

They’re animal print, stiletto heels and ah-maz-ing. She looked so awesome in them today- she even let me try them on! They totally fit, but, alas, she wouldn’t switch shoes with me.

Anyway, here’s my main point for my post today:

outfit for november 3
Jacket: Converse One Star
Pants: Express
Sweater: H&M
Shirt: Vintage, etsy
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Target
Hair: Same color as mine, but different style.
The sweater in my set isn’t the same as what I wore- mine was argyle. This is a much better picture of me, in my clothes:
Hello. I’m a dork. S-up?
I seriously LOVE this shirt. Ever since I saw this picture from Kate Spade
I have been obsessed with finding my own polka dot, tie neck shirt. I finally found one on etsy. It has short sleeves, which is fine with me. Usually it’s hard to get sleeves to fit me, because I have long arms.
Oh well. I loved the outfit I wore. I haven’t been able to mix patterns very well before, so I just gave it a try with this outfit.
I think  I did OK. The striped sailor-style pants (you can’t see the awesome front buttons), argyle sweater and polka-dotted top seem to all go together in my mind.
The boots have also become a quick favorite. I got them at Target, mostly because I needed a pair of brown shoes (I have a pair, but they’re very secretary looking).

(So I take blurry pictures… I’m getting better! I just need to practice a little more…)

Ah ha! Much better detail photo!!
I seriously love the shirt. I need to figure out other ways to wear it. I have a problem with wearing an outfit, and wearing it the exact same way over and over. It’s like I figure out it matches and never change it, which is a problem. I need to figure out how to mix my pieces together much better. I bet I have some awesome outfits in my closet I’ve never thought to mix together because I don’t put them together.
Well, I guess I’ll have to play dress-up sometime this next weekend. Maybe I’ll take pictures. Maybe not.

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