Beginning to use the camera again.

As I posted yesterday, this is the outfit I wore today… with the exception of the sequin headband- I couldn’t find it!

Outfit for Nov 2

close-up of the vest

I love the skirt- it’s very full, but it’s all cotton with lace details.

Shush about the legs. My sister pointed out you could see my leg hair,which I think is funny. This just shows the lace part of the skirt.

Awesome shoes.

July82009 029
More shoe detail.

I was super happy with this outfit, because I felt really comfortable, but it was still really appropriate.

Now I need to figure out what I’m wearing tomorrow… I really want to curl my hair- like waves, so I have to wake up a little early. Thank God for dayligt savings time.  I think I’ll attempt an awesome hairstyle, but I have no idea what I’m gonna wear. I kinda want to wear the polka dot shirt I got, but I’m not sure what sweater to wear with it. It’s white with brown polka dots, and I think it’ll look cute with my purple argyle sweater. But, I have no idea what bottoms to wear. I’ve gotten sick of pants, but if I wear a skirt I have to wear tights. Ugh. Too much to think about.

Time to wake up the husband to try to get him to sleep in the bed.