Weird Question Wednesday!

It’s time again for weird question Wednesday! (insert ‘yay’ here).

This week will be more Halloween related, since that holiday is coming up soon… 🙂

1. Favorite scary movie and why?
I don’t really like scary movies- they don’t care me. I really wanna check out Paranormal Activity, I’ve been told it’s scary. So, I guess we’ll see.

2. Best and worst Halloween candy.
I’m not a huge fan of anything taffy or tootsie rolls. But I love Whoopers and Candy Corn!

3. Best Halloween costume from when you were a kid.
I LOVED a kitty costume I wore when I was younger- it was awesome! I’ll have to dig up a picture of it. It had feet, and paws, and a hood with ears. There was even a red ribbon the tied under my chin!