Fashion and my world

I wish I were more fashionable. I wish I were better at putting outfits together and knowing what matched and what didn’t. I don’t blame my lack of fashion on anyone but myself. I’ve never really been good at matching things, and I’ve never really known if I look OK. It’s been better this year, because my sister, the author of shoe-a-day, is really helpful and honest. I can send her a picture, or put something together on polyvore and if she thinks it’s ugly, or doesn’t match, she lets me know.

She’s trying to get me to mix patterns and to wear t-shirts in more stylish ways, mostly because I own so many t-shirts. I basically lived in t-shirts, jeans and sneakers during high school and college. I have so many concert t-shirts and vintage t-shirts, they rival my husband’s collection.

Well, this weekend I needed to run errands, so I decided to try to make my t-shirt look less like I was wearing PJs, and more like I was wearing a really cool outfit. This is what I wore:

Outfit for October 25
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Vest: Old Navy
Necklace: Modcloth
Shoes: Spring
Sunglasses: H&M
I actually felt really comfortable in this outfit, and I felt like it looked cool, without me trying super hard. The jeans are really skinny, which I’m not used to, but the t-shirt was pretty long, so I thought it looked good. I’ll have to start taking pictures of myself to add here, so it’s not just my polyvore layouts all the time.
Anyway, I also looked up the Pantone colors for the season:
According to the Pantone Web site, these are the hot fall colors. So, I’m trying to figure what I own that is in these colors. I haven’t figured it out yet.
While doing that, I was also still in search of a polka dot shirt that tied at the neck. I’d watched the episode of The Rachel Zoe Project (or whatever it’s called) when she has the Marie Claire photo shoot, and this picture from Kate Spade:
I REALLY wanted a polka dotted shirt with a necktie. All of the pictures from Kate Spade’s new collection made me want it. The only few I could find this season were either way too expensive ($200+) or sold out! So, I decided to turn my search to etsy, hoping for a vintage option, or someone who could make it for me. I found this shirt:
Now, it doesn’t have sleeves, but I think that’s better. It’s hard for me to buy long sleeve tops online, because I have long arms, so I need to try to stuff on. That and my office building gets really warm, so it’ll be nice to have short sleeves- I can layer!
What fashion item have you been looking for, and finally found?