My Halloween costume!

This year I was trying to find a fun Halloween costume. Because my hair is red once again, I was thinking of MJ from Spider-man, Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas or Pippi Longstocking. Well, when Joe and I went to the Halloween store, I found a Sally costume. Eh. I really wasn’t into it. Maybe another year.

Then, I found a pirate costume. That one was cool, and it wasn’t short and skanky, which is good with me. I don’t like the skanky costume girls wear on Halloween. I don’t think it should be a time to be skanky, although I’m sure I wore skanky costumes in my day (I’m thinking of the Halloween when I was 19. Yeah. I think I wore a corset top and boy-short panties).

Anyway, I ended up in the ‘decades’ aisle. I was staring at the poodle skirts, and thinking of borrowing the one my mom has, cuz it would totally work. Instead, I decided on a hot pink and black flapper costume. Here’s my polyvore depiction of my costume:

halloween costume!!
I put everything on last night, and took a pic:
I still haven’t figured out what to do for my makeup, but I figure I’ve got time. I still have to go get the fake cigarettes for my pink cigarette holder, and I need to find some black or nude tights with a back seam. I’m also deciding between my black tap-style shoes and my blue, pink and purple vans.
Any opinions?