Sometimes you can tell as much from someone’s silence as you can from their words. When someone stops talking to you suddenly, you can rely on two things:
1. Something has changed between the two of you
2. You might never know what that change is

And for me, that gets frustrating. If I upset someone, I want to know why. If I spoke too harshly, or forgot to bring cash (sorry Cher!), and it upset someone, I want to know. Sometimes I learn my lesson and I won’t do it again, and sometimes I’ll always do it (again, sorry Cher).
But when you can’t figure out why things have changed, because the silence is too much, too over powering, what do you do? Do you ignore everything and pretend like nothing is different and continue your life as it had been? Or, do you sit and dissect what you believe the issue to be and try to figure it out and make up stories in your head and then wonder how you can fix it?
Me, I do both. I make up the stories in my head, going over and over the last few conversations I remember with that person, deciding on the thing that I must have done and try to decipher ways to fix it. Then, I decide it isn’t worth the trouble if said friend is too upset to talk to me and I let it go and ignore them back.

There are only so many times you can say ‘hello’ and receive the cold shoulder back before you realize the friendship you had is no longer existent.

There is always hope. But usually, it only ends in silence.
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