Movies or books?

I was discussing the Twilight movie with my sister, Cherrow (who has an awesome shoe blog, by the way). She LOVES the Twilight books, but was really apprehensive about seeing the first movie.

I’m the same way. If I’ve read a book and I love it, and then it turns into a movie, I usually don’t want to see it. I’m very iffy about the Where the Wild Things Are movie because I loved that book, and I don’t know if I want to see it as a movie.
You see, when I read a book, my imagination works overtime, filling my head with pictures and visions and ideas that flow from the words on the pages. I can imagine every character as I see them. Every place is what I read it to be. When I see a movie, it’s the director’s vision, or the screenwriter. it’s not MY vision. It’s not the people I saw in my mind. It’s not how I imagined it.

I like to live in my imaginary world and not step out when I’ve found a book I love that’s been turned into a movie.

That being said, I have been able to find a few movies I like that were based on a book (or play).

#1. 10 Things I Hate About You
Fantastic interpretation of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. It’s amazing. Love it.

#2. Romeo and Juliet
The version with Clarie Danes and Leonard Dicaprio. I think I like it because it’s Shakespeare and I love him, and because it’s different. I never read the story and imagined it taking place in the 1990’s, but spoken the Shakespearian way. That is what makes it great.

And thats pretty much it. I’m sure there are a few others, but nothing that sticks out.

Now, things can always go the other way. For instance, I read Twilight and then went to see the movie.

Terrible. Absolutely TERRIBLE. Sure, R-Patz was hot, and adorable. But was he the Edward in my mind? No. Kristen Stewart was also not anywhere close to the Bella in my head. She’s a terrible actress and really shouldn’t have played Bella. But that’s my opinion. Heavy breathing for an hour and a half does not convince everyone that you’re in love with the vampire (who’s blushing for most of the movie).

Anyway, back to my original story. Cherrow decided to watch the movie. So, last weekend, we watched it together.

She laughed so hard at some parts, we had to rewind and re-watch a few scenes.

Sometimes, no matter how much you love a book, the movie version will always suck!