Outfit of the day!

Outfit for October 13
Sweater: Gap
Pants: Express ( I think)
Shoes: Spring
Scarf: Old Navy
Necklace: IamSnizzle on Etsy
I love pirates, a little too much I fear sometimes. I’m super excited though, because I bought this necklace nearly a year ago, and hadn’t worn it at all. In the past two days, I’ve worn it twice! I’m sure that will change when I get my new stuff from Modcloth. A few weeks ago, I won their Tag for Swag promotion on Facebook. I was so excited to get to spend some money on fun stuff. I ended up getting two necklaces and a pair of earrings.
Necklace #1- it’s a cephalopod!! I am way too excited to get it, because, much like my obsession with pirates, I also nearly love octopuses. And, …
Handlebar mustaches!! This is necklace #2. I’m so excited and lucky that I nabbed this one- right after I purchased this one, he went out of stock!
Along with the necklaces, I bought this pair of earrings:
Now, I’m not sure which pair it will be. The description says they’re various colors, so it’ll be a surprise when I get them!
And, I got another necklace, although this one isn’t from Modcloth. I found this on on Etsy.
It’s a pirate sword! Ah, my love for the weird continues…
What’s your favorite recent purchase?

2 thoughts on “Outfit of the day!

    • LOL- I got tons of compliments of the necklace! I’m known as the pirate girl because of it and the sword necklace I have! 🙂

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