Weird Question Wednesday

So, I’ve decided to ask myself three questions every Wednesday, and then post the answers. They won’t be anything terribly weird or intrusive, but interesting questions with interesting answers.

1. What are three things that make you happy, besides friends and family?
-I get happy when I finish something- whether it’s a book, the dishes or a dress- it makes me happy.
-Sleeping in. ’nuff said.
-Raspberry muffins. Now that I’ve learned to make them, I can cook them for me and the husband!

2.  Best song to dance to at a wedding?
I would have to say “Shout!” It doesn’t matter what version it is (I prefer Save Ferris’ version) but it always gets everyone up and dancing.

3. Favorite way to spend a day off?
Personally, I love to just lounge around and do laundry- not fold it, but wash it. Then just watch movies and lay around all day. It’s very relaxing until you realize you’ve done nothing and have to rush around the next day!

How ’bout you?