Fall wardrobe so far…

Fall Wardrobe (so far)
So far, this is what I’ll be wearing this fall.
Looking at it now, it seems like a really big mix of colors! I’ve been trying to buy better pieces that fit together more cohesively, so I’ve been getting more black and grey pieces. I like to have one thing that is the focal point.
For example, if I wear the pink floral skirt or the other pink skirt, I don’t wear something bright and printed with it- I wear something simple and black, white or grey.
I really seem to be preferring 1950’s style clothes lately. And (I blame this on my sister), I’ve been wearing more and more skirts recently. Maybe it’s because they’re cute, or maybe it’s because I have a big ass. Who knows.
I’m also more about the textures than prints. Certain prints I really like, for example the big floral cardigan and skirt, but I’m not usually in love with patterns. I like details- like the black cardigan with the lace inset at the top.
Anyway, I’m sure I’ll go through my clothes and find more and more things that I don’t yet have in here that I’ll need to add (like my light blue off the shoulder top…)
Crap… Time to go through the closet again!!