My new dress! (that I made!)

For the past two months, my mom has been allowing me to use her sewing machine on the weekend. I found this amazing vintage pattern reprint and wanted to make a dress.


I was able to find this picture online of the completed dress. It’s not very big,but it made me hopeful!


I like vintage style clothing and accessories, with modern touches. I found this awesome flowered fabric at Jo Ann’s, and it reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana.


It’s an awesome pink, red, yellow and green print. At some places in the yellow, it’s even a little purple!

I took a picture of myself in it right before the bottom was hemmed.

Ignore the socks. Anyway, my mom and I took out about 2 yards of the fabric in the skirt. The pattern called for 5 1/2 yards, and the just seemed like way too much to us, we we only used about 3 yards. It ended up looking awesome!
I’m wearing it to a wedding tomorrow, so I’ll make sure to take some better pictures of it.


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  1. Thanks! I’m really happy it turned out 🙂 I’ll post some better pics of it and the wedding tomorrow

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