Halloween cake

 I volunteered to make a halloween cake for our October chili-cookoff. I’ve been needing an excuse to use my amazing Kitchen-aid mixer my coworkers got me as a shower gift. I’m having a tough time deciding what I want to make. Right now, I’m planning to make a zombie cake, like the one below (it’s linked to the blog I found it on).


Except I’m planning to use fondant for the hand. I like to work with it, and I can color it a greyish-green color.
I also want to make the inside of the cake fun colors, like this cake:
Obviously you can see where I found this picture. I have some awesome food coloring, and I think it’d be really fun to cut into the cake and have it bright, fun colors! I might do black, orange and green.

What type of halloween cake would you like to see?
I plan to blog it as I make it and decorate it, I’m just not sure what to make!