New clothes?

I’ve been using Polyvore a lot more lately. I first heard about it through Princess Lasertron’s Web site. I am starting to really like it. It’s very helpful when trying to put things together and to actually see what I own, and what I’d like to own. I have a list of things I want to make, as soon as my current dress project is completed.
Right now, I’m trying to take inventory of my clothes to figure out what my fall wardrobe will be. I have lots of summer stuff that needs to be packed away, and I have a couple things that need to be mended.
This is what I wore today:

My coat is a little different than that one, but I couldn’t find a good picture of mine- so that’s close enough.
I need to take some pictures of some of the clothes I have, so I can toss it on the site. I really like the idea of using it to keep track of all my clothes. It seems like it’ll be really helpful!