Me and my messy world.

I am a messy person.

There. I said it.

I have tons of stuff I no longer use. My husband is the same way. Together, we have an extra room that is full of stuff we never use. We don’t even go in that room unless we need to use the computer.

I’ve been trying to figure out some useful tips about how to de-clutter and organize. I’ve found a few I really like, but I need to put them into practice first.

If you’ve got twenty minutes, try these ten tips:
1. Take a trash bag and find ten items in your home you no longer need or want and put them in the bag. Toss out the bag or donate the items (depending what they are).
2. Clear a surface. Chose the coffee table, kitchen table or (if you’re me) the blue chair in the living room. Throw away the junk, hang the coats up, and let the kitties sleep in the newly cleaned space. They’ll thank you.
3. Toss out old magazines if you’re through reading them. Or, put them in your nifty magazine holders your sister helped you buy that are sitting next to your record player…
4. Weed out some junk. Rather than force yourself to clean your ENTIRE office area, weed out the few things you know you don’t use, and probably won’t miss (candy wrapper, old notes to yourself, pens that never worked…).
5. Go through your junk drawer. Throw away whatever you can’t identify or is truly junk (sorry old magnet that doesn’t work!).
6. Go through your fridge and medicine cabinet and toss out everything expired. If you don’t want to throw away and old medicine, call your pharmacy. Most accept expired meds and will dispose of them properly.
7. Throw out your junk mail. Rather than let it get piled up on the table, like I do, throw it out as soon as you get it. You can even call and get your name taken off most of the lists so you don’t get it anymore!
8. Put the dishes in the kitchen, better yet, in the sink. Or, even fill the dishwasher! I have a problem putting my dishes in the sink, much less getting them back to the kitchen. I’ve found moldy cups and dirty dishes around our home- my husband helps with that mess too. If we would both just walk our dirty dishes back to the kitchen when we were done, we wouldn’t have to search for them later.
9. While you’re doing your laundry, make sure you actually love everything you’re folding. I’m beginning to learn that if you don’t love it, you don’t need it.
10. When you’re shopping, ask yourself if you’re willing to clean it/dust it/wash it/fix it. If your answer is no, don’t buy it. Sure, the glass pitcher might look awesome on your shelf, but if you don’t like to dust, you’re not going to dust the pitcher. It’s not worth your money.

I’ve also decided that organizational tools, like boxes, shelves, etc, are only helpful if you’re already a clean person. Just because I have a box for all my cat’s toys does not mean that the only location they’re in is that box. Nope. Not even close. Most of them are on the floor, or in the tub. If you aren’t organized already, just buying organizational tools isn’t going to FORCE you to get organized. You have to force yourself. Which, is why I’m going to go home and force myself to clean up the living room. I want to get up early tomorrow and vacuum. Yes. I said it. Get up early on a saturday and vacuum. I’ll post pictures later.