Wedding stuffs

Well, after getting our wedding photos back from our pro photograher, I decided I should actually write about everything.

If I had MY way, my wedding would’ve been completely different. Looking back on it now, I’m thinking of all the different stuff we could’ve done. I loved my wedding and had a great time, but there is still some stuff I would’ve changed. But, we didn’t have an endless budget and I really loved what we did get.

We started off the morning getting our hair done (no pictures of that!). Unfortunatly, the day we chose was also the day of the University of Michigans’ graduation, so downtown was crazy busy, even at 8am!

We ended up hanging out at my parents house until just before 2pm, waiting for the flowers and getting ready to go to the church. Once there, we started to get ready.

Flowers, waiting to be used. I carried blue, pink, green and yellow flowers, while my bridesmaids carried white.


I had a different pair of shoes- white peeptoe pumps- but I kept walking right out of them! So I bought these two days before the wedding, and they worked!

Ready to go!


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  1. the flowers are so nice and the gown too… ^^ your wedding’s nice or maybe it would be nicer if you’ll have it your way as you said… 🙂

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