Guess what I did(n’t do)!

Well, I didn’t dye my hair- I cut it instead.
You like?
Anyways, Joe and I went to visit Cher this past weekend and we had a total blast! We took her to a Punchline show and we had such a blast! There weren’t a ton of people there, so we got to take her all the way to the front. Here are some pics from my cell phone:

We went to some yard sales the next day, where Joe and I scored some awesome albums! I’ll take pics of our slowly growing collection later and add them on here. I’m so excited to own albums again- it’s a fun piece of history that I remember.

I almost don’t want to go home from work today… I have a ton of clothes that need to be washed, since we weren’t home all weekend, and I really need to continue to clean up our apartment.
Cher’s been super awesome and helping me figure out how to organize everything, but I still need to motivate myself enough to DO it.

Wish me luck.